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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

dentist Saginaw, MIMini Dental Implants (MDIs) have changed the face of implant placement. Unlike full implant placement where multiple dental visits are required, MDIs eliminate the need for surgery. The development of long term MDIs now allows the dentist to place anchors in the jaw during one noninvasive treatment. The most common use for MDIs is the stabilization of dentures and overdentures. MDIs firmly anchor the dental prosthesis, which means there is no longer any need to suffer with ill-fitting, loose dentures.


MDIs are designed to eliminate bone grafting and expedite treatment. Full implants require significant bone grafting and a recovery period. The latent period allowed the anchor of the implant to properly embed itself into the jawbone. The smaller size of MDIs means that no recovery period is necessary, and the denture can be fitted the same day.


More Information on Mini Implants

  • the latest, high tech alternative to replace missing teeth and support your dentures
  • one or all of your teeth can be replaced using mini implants so you don’t have to ear removable dentures or partials
  • your poorly fitting, loose, uncomfortable dentures can be held in place using  mini-implants helping you look and feel your best
  • frequently it can appear that your aren’t wearing dentures at all
  • half the cost of traditional implants
  • no surgery
  • no waiting
  • less time
  • less pain
  • less healing
  • less cost
  • less hassle
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